Back to School!

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We are back to school! We are having fun in Second grade and Pre-K 4 and it will be interesting to see how much Zachary picks up because he’s at my elbow for everything I am doing with Eliana.

We had a great zoo trip to kick off the fun last week (we had to see the Elephants for Zachary, the Zebra’s for Rebecca and unfortunately there were no Giraffes for Eliana to see, bummer. Oh, and Nana, we had to stop by the Panda’s in honor of you!)


Pre-K race car driving is a great way to practice the numbers 1-10!


This week’s science experiment was discovering that gravity doesn’t impact different objects differently based on weight – no picture but I love it when I see that crazy “wow, no way” look on their faces as the paper that floated down so slowly compared to the heavy book, dropped at the same rate as the heavy book, when crumpled up!

And just because it’s such as great snap shot of life, here’s a picture of the kids together!


Mix in the trampoline, a bit of swimming and lots of play and you’ve got the perfect mix for a great start to the school year!