Aug 29

Resources for Science: Human Body Detectives

brainiacsI am sure I have mentioned the Human Body Detectives, books by Dr. Heather Manley, before, but I had to mention them again now that the newest book Brainiacs, is now available! I cannot tell you how excited I was to be allowed the chance to review this book, and the timing could not have been more perfect as we have been studying the nervous system this week.

The Human Body Detective books are a most unique resource for teachers and parents. It features two sisters who have the ability to travel into the human body and learn about something (this time it’s the brain and nervous system) first hand and close up. The text is unique as it provides the big scientific words within the natural story line so that the facts are not watered down.

We also learn about nutrition along the way, learning what specific foods are good for the particular body part/system you are reading about, a great way to provide application within the story line.

And just as you finish the well-written story, you turn the page and find all the great extras that fans have come to expect from Dr. Manley’s books:

Fast facts, jokes, diagrams of things discussed in the book and more. For kids who newly interested in the topic, it’s a great way to feed their enthusiasm without losing their attention by having to grab another resource.

Check them out for yourselves! Human Body Detective Books

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Aug 22

Back to School!

We started back to school this week! Starting off in style with some tasty homemade cinnamon rolls!

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May 21

High Tech Toys

So when all else fails and you can’t find a toy to keep your toddler entertained, try this high tech option – holes in the top of an egg carton plus Q-tips equals a solid 20 minutes of focused entertainment.

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