What was your first book?

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I happened to catch the tail end of some news show tonight where they were talking about a bunch of kids who were benefiting from some program and receiving their first book. Ever. and all about the magic of that “first” book.

Do you remember the magic of your first book? My first book was… well, not magical. Instead, I had a magical childhood full of books. I could crawl into my dad’s lap and he would read me any book (Dr. Seuss was his favorite!) and I learned quickly that begging for candy in a store did no good but begging for a book would always result in something new to read on the way home.

Instead of striking me with awe and joy at this amazing program giving kids their first ever book, I was saddened at the number of parents who apparently do not raise their kids like I was raised, or like I am raising my kids. Books are an ever present reality in the life of my kids, and I suppose I took for granted that all parents read to their kids, especially since for less than a dollar, you can get a children’s book at thrift stores and consignment stores and for a buck you can get a whole box of books at a yard sale!

I think I have spent almost as much money on tape to repair books loved apart as I have on books!

Anyways, so this is just my little rant to tell parents, go read to your kids!!! Don’t let your kid’s first book be magical, instead, fill your kids life with books! That magic is more important than any “first” book.

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