Dick and Jane Writing

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This is Rebecca’s writing assignment today and she asked if I could post her sentences on the blog for Grandma, Pappy, Nana and Gramps to read! (I carefully typed everything as she wrote it per her instructions!)

Assignment: using the core sentence and the questions, write your own sentences, combining information.

Core Sentence: The boy found the dog.

1. How old was the boy?

The Ten year old boy found the dog.

2. What color was the dog?

The ten yaer old boy found a gray dog.

3. What kind of dog did the boy find?

The Ten yaer old boy found a small gray dog.

4. What did the boy use to tie the dog?

The ten year old boy Found a small gray dog and usaed rop to tiy.

5. Where was the boy when he found the dog?

The Ten year old boy found a small Gray dog in the park and usaed rop to tiy it.