2-3 year old curriculum

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Here I have put together a list of the important aspects to my curriculum. Something important to note first is that there are many great preschool curricula available online that come pre-packaged with all the prep-work and planning completed for you. This is not cheap and as I do not have the funds to do this, I have put together my own materials. This means prep-work, planning and lots of opportunities for creative thought!

What I am listing here is not a packaged curriculum, just the aspects of what I do that are important to our school day!

Age: 2-3 years old

Preschool Literacy Instruction:

Goal: To introduce letters and letter sounds, left to right directionality when reading, basic word building skills (letters make up words).

Curriculum Aspects:

Calendar and Weather:

Goal: To introduce seasons, months, days of the week and basic weather.

Curriculum Aspects:

  • Circle time songs introduce days of the week.
  • Weather station – purchased from a teacher supply store with a boy and girl and dress up clothes for various weather. Includes weather words/illustrations. I laminated each piece and used velcro to create an interactive bulletin board down at eye level for my daughter.

Preschool Math Instruction:

Goal: to introduce numbers, basic counting skills, colors, patterns, categorizing, sorting and comparisons.

Curriculum Aspects:

  • Preschool worksheets from books purchased – this was a cheap preschool book I purchased from Sams Club… I also use some of these pages for literacy and written language.
  • Abacus for manipulation of objects/counting skills
  • Various worksheets printed off the internet – see above link to organizing a free preschool curriculum.

Written Language for Preschool Curriculum:

Goal: To teach proper pencil grip, improve fine motor skills, introduce basic cutting and writing skills.

Curriculum Aspects:

  • I have collected a variety of cheap write on/wipe off alphabet books but these are seldom used as they are still too advanced. Instead we do some simple worksheets with basic pre-writing skills.
  • Verbal instruction/physical direction for proper pencil grip: See Teaching Proper Pencil Grip.


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