How to Make Finger Paint

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Making finger paint is simple and easy and can actually be done two different ways.


  • liquid laundry starch
  • powdered tempera paint or food coloring
  • powdered soap flakes*


  • Flour
  • cold water
  • food coloring or powdered tempera paint
  • powdered soap flakes*


How to Make Finger Paint

Making finger paint is quick and simple. Mix two parts starch with one part tempera paint if using the first set of ingredients. If no tempera paint is available, add food coloring as the paint is used on the paper.

If starch is not available, flour and cold water can be mixed together to form a paste and the tempera paint or food coloring can add color to the paint.

Adding powdered soap flakes can help to make the paint smoother and clean up easier. Be sure to use powdered soap flakes, not liquid soap.

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