How to Make Sawdust Dough

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Sawdust dough is a great clay for making small sculptures or similar projects. The unique texture is also great for providing sensory integration for children.


  • 2 cups sawdust
  • 1 cup wallpaper paste
  • water

How to Make Sawdust Dough

Mix the sawdust and dry wallpaper paste should be mixed together thoroughly. Then add water slowly until the dough becomes thick and pliable.

The dough can then be molded into the desired shapes and left to harden over night.

It might be prudent to split the recipe in half if this is going to simply be an afternoon activity with one or two children. This way two days worth of fun can be had with one recipe’s worth of ingredients. This is a great way to enable children to feel the various shapes and create great projects.

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