Getting Back to School

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So after basically 4 weeks off, my desperation to feel back to normal and Becca’s begging for school finally paid off and we began again. We’ve moved on to our Kindergarten curriculum because it is all planned out for me, a bit simpler than what I was doing.

So we are doing Heart of Dakota, Little Hearts for His Glory. Right now we are all enjoying it, and I feel like I’m at least accomplishing something other than feeding children and changing diapers! (Yesterday I even managed to get all the kids outside for a short nature walk!)

Here is Becca, trying to throw the ball into the box on the other side of the room. Every time she gets a “basket” she has to recite her bible verse of the week. I think even I will be able to memorize some verses with this curriculum!

Here she is gluing the cross on her collage picture – putting Jesus in the middle of history.

We are also doing the pre-school program from Heart of Dakota, Little Hands to Heaven, as something more age appropriate for Eliana to get involved in. Here’s Becca helping Eliana walk on the letter A, saying “aah aah aah”.

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