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The Personalized Education Plan

Providing you with specific observations and recommendations personalized to your individual child’s needs. Plus access to a special education specialist all year long!ftf-badges-resource

Are you a homeschool mom or dad with concerns about your child’s learning ability? Do you suspect a disability but not want to go through the testing required for answers? Do you have testing completed and not know what to do with the answers you have?


  • Specific instructional suggestions
  • What to teach, and ideas on how to teach
  • key skills to teach
  • suggested order of skills
  • curriculum suggestions as appropriate
  • Access to me by email for the entire school year
  • Optional private tutoring

Have a question? Something not working? A new skill causing problems? No problem! Send me an email and I’ll provide new suggestions!

Who Am I?

I am a certified Special Education teacher and current homeschool mom with experience with the following learning problems:

Specific learning disabilities including:

  • math (dyscalculia)
  • reading (dyslexia)
  • writing (dysgraphia)




Sensory processing disorder

Giftedness and twice exceptional students


**Disclaimer: I cannot provide official testing or a medical diagnosis. I am a certified special education teacher and homeschool mom with the ability to work outside the framework of public school education.**

Want to know more about how to have access to specialized help all year long?

Contact me today for more information!