January in review

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2014-01-12 16.30.07

January has been a fun month for us – including the beginning of Ballet! Here’s Becca’s class… Elaina’s class starts in February. I think dance class is one of the more exciting things that we’ve done, if the level of anticipation every dance day is any indication!

2014-01-27 11.00.49

Then we had game day one day instead of our normal school day…

2014-01-24 11.13.00

The great thing about the game Life, is that regardless of who ends up with the most money in the end, everyone get excited to read the life tiles to see what exciting things they did!

2014-01-09 18.21.12

Zachary learned how to climb into his stand-up toy and he loves playing in his own personal playground!

2014-01-25 15.30.39

Thanks to wonderful friends, we got a Snow White dress and had days of reenacting the story of Snow White… Although Becca wouldn’t go to sleep until she ate her entire apple and then I had to be the prince…

And we end the month with a happy birthday to Zachary:

2014-01-29 08.49.55

And yes, the box is always the best part of the gift!

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