Magic School Bus Science

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We got a couple of Magic School Bus science kits to add some pizzazz to our science. I have to say that I’m not as impressed with it now that we’re digging into it. I have to modify the questions in order to give a more pointed reason to do the experiment, but it’s simple to do and we are having fun non-the-less.

Here she is learning about a ball and socket joint. We also learned how synovial fluid helps that joint move more smoothly.

Here we are learning about what makes our bones strong and what happens when we take the calcium out of our bones.

Even little sister is getting involved!

To add to the learning aspect we are keeping a Science journal to take “notes” in and draw pictures of what we are doing. Ironically, the writing is much more motivating (and recognizable) than drawing the pictures, which end up as mostly scribble on the page.

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