Magic Sight Words and a bonus

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Today we got to discover some hidden words – some magic sight words! Thanks to Fairy Dust Teaching for the idea.

First, I drew the words on the paper with a candle and then we used water colors to find them. Becca had issues with the concept, though, which made some of them hard to read because she would keep going over the “spaces” that the writing made where the water would resist, thinking that she missed that spot. I finally got it to work by having her use more water and less paint.

She had trouble reading the sight words, but I think that was because of the distraction of the painting and the fact that my magic letters did not show up very well (maybe need more pressure when writing them with the candle?). The last one was her name, which was a lot of fun because as she named the letters one at a time, she suddenly shouted out, “My name! It’s my name!”

And a bonus: Mr. Space Man! (Link takes you to freebie from Love Hugs and Ladybugs)

Mr. Space man (with Mrs. Space Woman on the other side) helps us know how much space we need to leave in between words when we write!

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