Preparing for the School Year

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So Damien starts school the week we get back from vacation, so I decided to go ahead and start our school the same week. Since Rebecca’s only two years old, “school” for us is more of implementing a routine and ditching the summer schedule, but I have a ton of ideas and activities to teach the alphabet, numbers/counting and some bible lessons.

This week I have been busy downloading activities, printing, laminating and cutting. We are going to start with the letter C and I am so glad to be done cutting out caterpillars!

I have our calendar all set up with the first day of school and vacation the special days of the month! I think I am almost as excited for starting school as I am about going on vacation!

I killed our August budget with a few key back to school purchases:

I bought a Scotch brand laminator similar to this one but cheaper at Target. I also had to get lamination sheets to go in it. As a money saving tip I pre-cut everything and cram as much as I can into each laminator sheet, and things that don’t need as much durability get doubled up (so when I cut them apart, the lamination is on the tops but not the bottoms). I’m also going to have to buy more ink for our printer… What fun is preschool without fun colors?! I found a $1 teacher planning book at Target and am using it to organize each day/week’s activities so I know what materials to have on hand.

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  1. My daughter is 21 months and we are planning on homeschooling her so I’ve been wondering when to start. I love how detailed your blog is and I’ve subscribed via email so that DD and I can keep up with what you are doing. Thanks so much for posting your blog link!

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