Report Card Comments

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  • Photo by: Jdurham

    Encouraging Parental Participation through Report Card Comments Often teachers can encourage parents to become more involved through report card comments. This works best when the parents feel like part of a team or like a partner instead of being accused or attacked.

  • Examples of General Report Card Comments to Avoid When writing report card comments, specifics are much better than generalities. While it is easy to fall into a generalized comment when writing comments for 25 or more students, the more specific the comment, the more meaningful it will be for the parents.
  • How to Suggest a Method of Improvement When a child is having difficulty in some area of school, parents often feel helpless to know how to help or what to do about the problem.
  • Kindergarten Report Card Comments Report cards for kindergarten students often do not have the typical A B C D grading scale that older grades utilize for reporting progress in various subject areas.

  • Numerical Report Card Comments Many school districts have made the move to all electronic report cards, which include a numerical comment system where teachers are limited in their comments by choosing numbers 1-9 (or some amount of numbers) which coordinate to a key on the parent’s copy of the report card that indicate some meaning behind the given grade.
  • Positive Report Card Comments Always say something positive about the child when writing report card comments. A parent will be more likely to listen to comments about improvements needed when something positive is said about the child as well.
  • Report Card Comments for Easy Students Report card comments appropriate for well behaved, hard working students.
  • Report Card Comments for Inclusion Students When a student has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for a specific learning disability or other disability (like ADHD, Autism or Mental Retardation), the parent already knows the difficulties that the child faces at school.
  • Report Card Comments for Language Arts Language Arts is a broad category that includes reading and writing skills. Often the two areas are tied together when a student is struggling academically.
  • Report Card Comments for Struggling Students General Report Card Comments Appropriate for Struggling Students: Students who find themselves struggling with academics in school fall into two categories: those with learning disabilities and those who are simply slow learners.
  • Report Card Comments for the End of the School Year At the end of the school year, teachers are tasked with sending home a final report card with a few words of wisdom for all of the parents of the students you were entrusted with through the school year.
  • Report Card Comments: How to Tactfully Define a Problem If a child is having difficulty, say so with tact. The last thing a parent needs is to have their child’s teacher gloss over a difficulty that the child is having.
  • Report Card Comments: Struggling in Math Math struggles are often easier for parents to comprehend than struggles in language arts. That said, it is important that parents understand the difficulties that their child is facing during math class with clear, precise report card comments.
  • The Interim Report Before Sending Home a Report Card: A report card is a snapshot of an individual child’s progress in school to provide information for the child’s parents.