Back to School Kindergarten Style

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Alright, I am ready to tentatively say that I am mostly ready to start school… I just need some more lamination and another book from the library…

So, here is what we are doing and any links that I remembered to save!


We have this calendar from last year and we love it:

I also put together a learning book for Becca to fill out her own calendar. In her book I also have a weekly check list of school assignments so that it is easy for her to see what is left each day.


The book on the left is my curriculum planner, in which I have:

  • Year at a glance calendar, 
  • Goals for each subject,
  • Basic schedule of subjects
  • Any lesson plans that I made up myself – so things like math, phonics and English are not in here because those subjects we will just open and do the next thing, no planning necessary.

The calendar pages in the Learning Book are from Confessions of a Homeschooler. (That’s the Pre-K version with traceable numbers, I couldn’t find the K version that I am using that doesn’t have traceable numbers)


We are going to do a Character study this year, memorizing verses that pertain to each study. We are using Kids of Integrity, Which is incredibly detailed for an awesome free resource.


We are going to work through First Language Lessons for English and do a variety of fun handwriting activities plus copy work and dictated (She talks, I write) assignments.


We will be doing Phonics Pathways and lots of read-alouds and easy readers.


We are going to use MEP for math, which is free, and as a bonus, it avoids the whole common core mess. Check it out: Mathematics Enhancement Programme



Story of the world Volume One

The Book of Time Timeline came from a free download from Half a Hundred Acre Wood. The timeline pictures we will use through the year are from this Yahoo Group.

The Lap book (which I am doing in book form instead of file-folder form) is free from here: The Chronicle of the Earth

My lesson plans, including video links and book lists are free here, in case you are interested (and yes, I lined up the lessons to have the first Olympics coincide with the Winter Olympics, I’m quite excited about that!)

Oh, and we are adding bible readings to connect biblical history to ancient history.

Overall plan here is to introduce basic history and have some fun… (can you say mummified chicken?)


For Science we are spending the year on Zoology.


We have here our Lap book, most of which came from Home School Share.

The Classification book, we will add pictures of each animal as we study it to the proper classification page.

The Animal report book we will fill out this sheet for each animal we study:

Animal Report (which I left in Word form so that you can change the labels if you want… I had to create it from scratch because all the pre-made ones didn’t have exactly what I wanted on them.)

The plan here is learning lots of fun facts about animals, so we have butterflies, ants, owl pellet, crabs and more in our future!


The name of the game is exposure this year. We will do some general music based on what daddy (the music teacher) suggested is appropriate for Kindergarten, and we will add in some composers with these fun CD’s:

 Classical Kids Collections, Volume 1 and 2.


For Health we will be going through Abeka’s level 1 health book. For PE we will be doing something active… soccer, bike riding, dancing, swimming, swinging, etc. All documented nicely for the sake of the public school system which requires us to do these things… the irony of which I will not bother getting into now.

And there you have it!

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