Report Card Comments for Language Arts

Language Arts is a broad category that includes reading and writing skills. Often the two areas are tied together when a student is struggling academically. Likewise, many students who improve in one area improve in the other area at the same time, as the two are so intricately tied together in skill set.

When writing report card comments for parents of students who struggle with language arts, it is important to once again be clear and precise. Here are some example comments that might be appropriate for the students who are struggling in your class:

*Remember to always use the student’s name!

*The following comments can be used in either a positive or negative form with simple changes – remember to always include at least one positive comment on the report card!

Student is having difficulty distinguishing between the sounds in grade level words.

Student reads (smooth, jerky, hesitant, etc.)

Student has shown difficulty in remembering correct spelling of non-phonetic words.

Student frequently reverses the letters (eg. b/d) in words.

Student reads slowly, we will be focusing on increasing reading speed over the coming weeks. You can help at home by having student read at least 30 minutes each evening.

Student struggles to add details to written work. You can help at home by encouraging student to keep a daily journal.

Student has great imagination in creating new stories, but poor handwriting makes the stories extremely difficult to read.

Student struggles to organize thoughts before a writing activity. We will be learning to use several different types of graphic organizers to improve this skill.

Student struggles to remember phonics rules when sounding out a new word.

Student needs a lot of repetition in order to remember new vocabulary words.


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