Thinking Organized

Thinking Organized is written by Rhona M. Gordon, M.S., CCC/SLP. This program outlines six strategies for parents to help their children organize their thinking and improve their grades. The six strategies include organization of supplies, time management, learning styles, memory skills, note-taking and finally a detailed method for students to learn how to improve written language skills.

There are detailed examples of each strategy in each chapter and additional resources in the back of the book for parents who may still have questions or a situation that deviates from those discussed in the book. There is a lot of review built into the program, reminding parents what the goal is for each strategy. This helps to ensure that students are successful with each strategy before moving on to learn the next strategy.

In addition to the details of each strategy there are various arguments that children may have about the strategies in the program, and give excuses for the parents to use to combat the arguments. For example, a child who wishes to use a cell phone instead of a watch can be told that cell phones are not allowed to be on in the school building. Even so, there is some understanding of the fact that thinkorganizedcoversome children may simply refuse to use a strategy (like wear a watch) and there are suggestions given to help during those moments as well.

There are stories to illustrate each strategy, something that a parent may need to skim through in order to find the instructions for what to teach. For the parent who needs encouragement and examples, however, these stories provide excellent support.

The Thinking Organized Workbook becomes an extra resource that matches up nicely with the book. It provides additional worksheets needed throughout the program as well as examples of each worksheet filled in.

Thinking Organized is a system that will be effective for any child whose parents or teachers are willing to making it work. While it will involve dedication and a lot of hard work, this step-by-step program truly will get kids organized. This program is a very thorough, must-have teaching resource for any parent or teacher who may want to teach a child greater organization.

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