Behavior Plan: Staying Seated During Class

Target Behavior: stay seated during class.

John has trouble sitting in his seat during class and his targeted behavior is to stay seated. Currently, John gets up several times during each class period, causing the teacher to repeatedly remind him to get back to his seat. Ultimately the teacher wants John to stay seated at all times unless he receives permission to get up.

John is in fourth grade, and his teacher has split the day into two chunks of time: morning and afternoon. In the morning John has math class, science class and reading class. In the afternoon John has recess writing class, history class and specials. Lunch separates the morning and afternoon.

John’s behavior plan is set up so that he can earn three points per class that he stays in his seat without reminders, two points for staying seated with only one reminder and one point for staying seated with two reminders. If John receives three reminders, he receives zero points.

To start, the teacher tells John that in order to earn a small reward at lunch he has to earn a minimum of 4 points in the morning. In the afternoon the points start over and John has a new chance to earn points towards an afternoon reward.

About three weeks later, John has improved his behavior and receives his rewards most days so the teacher can up the requirement, challenging John to earn a minimum of 6 points before earning a reward. As time goes on, the teacher will continue to raise the bar for John to continue to improve his behavior.

While the teacher will never require John to be perfect to receive his reward, she does offer a jackpot reward so John has a reason to try to reach the maximum number of points possible.

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