Creating a Positive Classroom Atmosphere

Effective classroom management starts with setting a positive tone in the classroom. Teachers are often told to act confident even when they feel fearful because children can smell fear. Well, they can also smell disrespect, insincerity and negativity. This makes setting a positive tone difficult and yet so important.

Many teachers have found that a careful balance between proactive discipline an positive atmosphere create the best learning environment for all students, but striking this balance can prove to be more difficult than anticipated.

The ABC’s to set a positive tone in the classroom are:

Act confident of yourself,
Be respectful of others and
Connect with your students

Act Confident of Yourself

Acting confident will have two effects. The first, is that the students will believe that you know what you are doing. This is the most important part. If students do not trust their teacher, they will be more likely to act up.

Secondly, acting confident will often have the fortunate side effect of making you more confident. The more confident the teacher is, the more effective her classroom management and the more the students will learn.

Be Respectful of Others

The teacher respecting her students is just as important as students respecting the teacher. When students respect their teacher, they listen, learn and follow the rules. When the teacher respects her students, she listens to them, meets their needs and teaches with compassion. When students know that their teacher respects them, they are more likely to return that respect.

Connect With Your Students

Connecting with students means more than simply greeting them each day at the start of school. Connecting with students means making each individual student feel as if he or she is the most important student in the entire class. It means taking the time to listen to what the students want to learn; creating excitement in the classroom and making learning fun.

Greet each student with a warm smile each day so they know that you are excited to see each and every one of them. Be excited about learning and even as you respect each student, demand the same respect back for yourself and for learning. Genuinely care for students and while they may not immediately care for you in return, you will be taking the first steps towards an effectively managed classroom.

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