Four Teaching Styles

According to Dr. Phelan and Sarah Jane Schonour, M.A., there arefour main types of teachers in the classrooms today: authoritarian, permissive, detached and authoritative teachers. Let’s take a look at each of these types of teachers and find out how this knowledge might help improve your teaching.

Authoritarian Teaching Style

Students will quickly describe an authoritarian teacher as a screamer. Children are expected to obey and there are few management techniques that the teacher uses when a student disobeys, so a lot of yelling is required to keep students in line.

Students under an authoritarian teacher are likely to obey, as the teacher will quickly catch and discipline every small misbehavior. Student obedience is likely due to fear of the teacher and the teacher is likely to blame the discipline problems in class on the students.

If you are an authoritarian teacher, improve your management style through adding some techniques from the classroom management toolbox.

Permissive Teaching Style

Students typically like a permissive teacher. The teacher desires and daily strives to be friends with her students. When a discipline problem comes up, though, there is no plan in place to deal with it and the teacher may plead with students to follow the rules.

This opens a can of worms when there is a bigger discipline challenge as students know that the teacher will not take care of it for them and will often try to take matters into their own hands.

If you are a permissive teacher, improve your classroom management by creating a firm behavior plan for the class with set rewards and consequences for behavior.

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