The Tower of Babel

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Today’s Bible lesson was about the Tower of Babel. Both girls enjoyed building their own towers, while I enjoyed listening to Becca create a song to retell the entire story as she built her tower. (one day, in some older grade, I am sure that I will have to test her to be sure she learned the material, but for now, it’s pretty easy to just give her an activity and then listen to her sing – she generally sings everything she has learned and if something doesn’t make sense to her, she’ll stop mid-song and ask me. This has led to some pretty amusing questions, too – like today she asked, does God eat?)

I didn’t get my camera out in time for her first tower – it was really impressive! This is after she knocked the first one down and restarted.

And the crown is… well… I never did get an answer as to why she had a crown – but she got it in Sunday School.


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